TOUGH-GRID 5,000lb Ultra-Cord 3/16″ to 1/4″

TOUGH-GRID 5,000lb Ultra-Cord 3/16″ to 1/4″

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Average 5,000 Pound Test Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) – Compare to Dyneema®, Spectra or Amsteel®

No Need To Buy Steel Cable When You Can Get a Stronger, Lighter and Safer Cord for Your Money!
– Ideal for Towing, Winch Cables, Magnet Fishing, Rigging Sails, Heavy Lifting, Guy Lines, Tightropes, and Anything That Requires a Low-Stretch, Ultra-Strong Cord.
– Measures ~3/16″ to 1/4″ With a Guaranteed Avg. 5000lb Tensile Strength!
– Key Properties Include: Abrasion, Chemical & UV Resistance, Almost No Stretch, 100% UHMWPE (Compare to Dyneema®, Spectra or Amsteel®) Easily-Spliceable Braided Construction, and Safe Breaking Behavior.

Great Emergency Cord! Fits in Your EDC, Car, Truck, Tank, Boat, Backpack or Bug-Out Bag! Many People Cut Short Sections and Pre-Seal Ends for Quick Access.

Made in America by a company that will not compromise on quality. Don’t accept cheap foreign imports or inferior cord… you just don’t have to!

TOUGH-GRID® Ultra-Cord Is Flexible, Workable, and Tough!

– Ultra-Cord is completely workable in extreme cold or wet conditions
– Ultra-Cord has no memory! Steel cable and other cords can become permanently curled and bent over time and remain that way forever. Ultra-Cord returns to its original state, even after a long haul on a winch!
– TOUGH-GRID® Ultra-Cord is a “must have” for your emergency preparedness, boating, and vehicle safety supplies and makes a fantastic gift!
– Ounce Per Ounce There Is No Stronger Cord On The Planet!

***The People Have Spoken!*** See Our Many Great Product and Seller Reviews (Many by Military Veterans) & You’ll Know:

1. We ONLY Sell the Best Products
2. Who We Are & How We Treat Our Customers (Cool Surprises & Personal Support)
3. You Can Trust Our Ultra-Cord Is Made In The USA and Will Not Let You Down!

We 100% Guarantee (Replacement or Money Back) ALL TOUGH-GRID® Ultra-Cord!

    • THE ULTIMATE CORD FOR THE TOUGHEST JOBS ON EARTH” With an average 5,000 pound break strength, this cord is 15 times stronger than traditional steel cable! Need to tow your car or truck out of a ditch? No problem, with Ultra-Cord by TOUGH-GRID®, it’ll be smooth sailing and you’ll have the confidence to know you’re well taken care of. Compare our Ultra-Cord to Dyneema®, Spectra or Amsteel®.
    • SAFER CORDAGE Our Ultra-Cord has extremely low elongation, creep, and stretch. This low stretch means the cord stores less energy under tension, making a broken line much safer than other materials. Other cords, cables, and ropes are like thick rubber bands and when they snap, they can be extremely dangerous! If you manage to break our cord, it will fall safely to the ground without causing harm due to the low stretch and low mass.
    • ANCHORS AWAY Ultra-Cord is an excellent material to keep on your boat. Whether you’re in a dinghy, keelboat, sport boat, or a yacht, you’ll want to keep several lengths of this cord around. It’s abrasion, UV, and chemical resistant, making it the perfect rope for just about any job! On top of being super-strong, this cord will not kink, curl, burr, splinter or have any sort of memory at all. This cord is even used to tow Gliders to the skies!
    • ALL-WEATHER CORDAGE Many cords become stiff or brittle when exposed to extremely low temperatures, but Ultra-Cord from TOUGH-GRID® remains completely workable in the harshest conditions. Don’t let your environment stop you from having a reliable and workable rope that is stronger than steel!
  • Understanding Ultra-Cord – It is extremely strong, durable, abrasion-resistant and light enough to float on water. Colors WILL fade with time and abrasion due to its unique chemistry. This does not compromise the cord, it only affects the color. Ultra-Cord DOES NOT SEAL LIKE PARACORD. The best way to seal the ends is to use 1/4″ – 1/8″ Heat-Shrink Tubing. Slip a section over the end of the cord and use a blow-dryer, lighter, or other heat source to shrink the tubing without melting the cord.
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Natural White


100 Ft.

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