TOUGH-GRID BackBone Rifle Slings


Premium Paracord Rifle Slings – Hand-Made in the USA with 750lb Type IV Mil-Spec TOUGH-GRID® Paracord and Mil-Spec Swivels!

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Premium Paracord Rifle Slings Made With 750lb Test Type IV Mil-Spec TOUGH-GRID® Paracord and Swivels!

BackBone Rifle Slings are Durable, Comfortable, and Handmade in the USA!
– The BackBone-90 is wide and flat, making for excellent wear and comfort! This sling is 46″ long and made with 90Ft of genuine Mil-Spec type IV paracord using a “Boa” weave.
– Our Military grade swivels are a cut above the rest. With a lifetime warranty, you never have to worry about a flimsy swivel again!
– TOUGH-GRID® paracord is the best you can get. Don’t be caught without the highest quality paracord available… get a BackBone!

Our 750lb Paracord Is Genuine Mil-Spec and 200 Pounds Stronger Than The Typical 550 Paracord!

Our Mil-Spec Swivels Are The Same Swivels Purchased By The US Military

TOUGH-GRID® (BackBone) Paracord Rifle Slings Are High-End Premium Slings
– Our slings are flexible, wide and durable while tightly woven and able to pack the maximum amount of paracord in a light-weight sling.
– Our slings can be unwoven for emergency paracord use while still retaining a useful rifle sling.
– At 46″ long and extra wide, you’ll enjoy the comfort and security of owning a BackBone rifle sling!

We 100% Guarantee (Replacement or Money Back) ALL TOUGH-GRID® Paracord Rifle Slings!

Mil-Spec Paracord! – These slings are made with 750lb Mil-Spec paracord! That’s 200 lbs stronger than any other sling on Amazon.
Mil-Spec Swivels! – Comes with a Mil-Spec (Military Grade) swivel on both ends… no other sling on Amazon has Mil-Spec swivels!
Tons of paracord! – The BackBone-90 comes with 90Ft of paracord that will come in handy in any survival situation!
Extra Long! – Our slings are all 46″ long… while most other slings max-out at 44″.
Hand-Made In USA – All of our slings are HANDMADE in the USA with unquestionable and 100% guaranteed quality.
BackBone Rifle Sling FAQs

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Black, Forest Camo, Mixed Camo, Camo Green, Desert Camo, DIGI-Camo, Neon (Safety) Orange, Neon Pink, Moss Green, Grizzly (Coyote) Brown


46", 36", 54", 46" (Blemished)

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