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We Provide the Best U.S. Made Emergency Preparedness Products and Customer Service Available Anywhere. Just Test Us and You’ll See What We Mean.

Bill Hanover – Founder
Adam Hanover
Sam Brand
Mark McKell

About 25 years ago we started getting into emergency preparedness… I suppose you’d call us “Preppers.” It wasn’t so much that we were worried about “the end of the world as we know it,” it has always been more about being prepared to help our large family, extended family and as many others as possible, should things get tough.

We accumulated emergency items slowly at first, but then devoted more time and funds to getting the best information and gear we could find. It has been a long and interesting journey.

Several years into our quest to be prepared for “just about anything,” I became a dealer for Berkey Water Purifiers. When I started that “sideline job,” it was mostly about helping others get one of our favorite products at a great price and possibly making a little extra income. Not long after starting to hook folks up with Berkeys, however, I realized a true passion for helping others be prepared, and the rest is history.

Our vision for our online websites/stores, has been to be a lot like a “local store in a small town.” The kind of place (and people,) where folks are neighborly and can count on each other year after year.

Currently, we partner with the best US manufacturers and/or make our own products that support American workers and connect people with the best of the best emergency preparedness items available today. We want only the very best products in our personal long-term storage supplies! We do our best to make those items, and a lot of great prepper information, available to others as well. It’s what we do!

We are a Family run business that also includes Trusted Friends… fellow Patriots one and all!

We care deeply that people get the best emergency preparedness products and information because that, quite frankly, could someday mean the difference between life and death. Beyond that… we do our very best to give the kind of customer service we like to receive… in fact, we go well beyond what we have ever experienced before with customer service and we like it that way. We’ll treat you right… that is our pledge.

– Bill Hanover & the TOUGH-GRID Team

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