– What is the diameter of TOUGH-GRID® Shock Cord? –
Our shock cord is only 1/8″ making it small but versatile.

– How much stretch does TOUGH-GRID® Shock Cord have? –
Shock cord stretches anywhere between 40%-170% but can vary depending on the cord and environment.

– What are the results of the tensile strength test of TOUGH-GRID® Shock Cord? –
Our shock cord has a minimum break strength of 200lbs.

– Is Your Shock Cord Weather or UV Resistant? –
Our shock cord has a heavy outer sheath that is resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet light as well as to most chemicals.

– Is Shock Cord Light-Weight? –
TOUGH-GRID® shock cord comes in 100ft. lengths, each of which weigh about 1.2lbs.

– What are the Common Uses for Shock Cord? –
Great for camping, guy lines, tying things down, fixing tent poles, replacing waistband drawstrings, emergency/disaster prep, and much more. The uses are only limited by your imagination!

– How Do I Cut Shock Cord without Causing It to Fray? –
We like to heat up an old steak knife on the stove top and use that to cut and seal the cord at the same time. It makes a much nicer end point when compared to using a butane lighter.