Mil-Spec Paracord

750 Pound Test TRUE “Mil-Spec” (Military Specifications) Mil-C-5040-H Type IV Paracord – 100% Nylon.

Ideal for Bracelets, Survival, Belts, Wrapping Tools, Lifting, Backpacking, Hanging Bear Bags and Towing Moderately Heavy Objects. Uses Limited ONLY by Your Imagination!


Double Reflective Paracord

700 Pound Test “Hybrid Mil-Spec” Reflective Paracord.  This 100% Nylon Cord Has Two Reflective Strands, Making it the Ultimate-High_Visibility Parachute Cord!

Great for Guy Lines, Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Boating, Gifts, Home Fixes, Cabins, Bug-out Locations or Anything You Need High-Visibility Cord For!

TOUGH-GRID 5,000lb

Ultra Cord

100% UHMWPE – 5,000lb Average Break Strength.  15X Stronger Than Steel Cable, Extremely Low-Stretch, & So Light Weight it Floats on Water!  Perfect for Boating. 

Check Out Our Color Options & Get a Spool Today.  Keep some anywhere you have emergency supplies.  Great for Replacing Your Old Steel Winch Cable.  Ultra-Cord Will Not Fail You!