Unbeatable Strength and Versatility

This TOUGH-GRID Premium 550lb Paracord is straight-up awesome! It’s like having a superhero in my backpack. This paracord is built to last and can handle some serious weight. I’ve used it for camping, hiking, and even emergency situations, and it has never let me down… The versatility of this paracord is incredible. Not only is it great for outdoor adventures, but it also comes in handy for everyday use. I’ve used it for crafting, DIY projects, and even as a clothesline. It’s like a Swiss Army knife of cords.



No one makes better paracord!

Since first using the paracord from Tough-Grid several years ago, they are the only source I use for replacement orders… of which there have been several since there are so many uses for quality paracord. I carry pre-cut lengths in my F-150 for tie-downs of every sort. I also carry a roll of 100-ft+ for unexpected uses… We [are] grateful for always carrying Tough-Grid paracord! None better, period!


Miles P Locke

Great quality, good price, excellent company

I’ve ordered from Amazon many times over the years, and this is the 1st followup email about their product from the company directly. This makes me happy that there are still companies that ensure their product is up to standard and not taking the money and ghosting people. This 550 cord is the best I’ve come across thus far, and not just cheap bracelet line. I will be rating them 5 stars, especially because of their followup for quality products and not just letting Amazon shoot a standard text asking how it was.


Amazon Customer

Nothing short of excellent.

This paracord is excellent……. And I mean excellent. you open up the package, feel the stuff, and you can instantly tell that its of the highest quality, especially compared to the stuff you’ll find at Walmart, which I honestly don’t trust. Now, I used this for a somewhat extreme project….. I made two bullwhips. holding up better than I expected, considering that the end of the whip breaks the sound barrier repeatedly….. some fraying along the body of the whip, where it hits the cement and whatnot, but otherwise holds up pretty well.


anonymous maker

The Best Around!

This is my second time ordering this 550 cord from this brand. I love it so much I will only ever buy from TOUGH GRID. It is super thick and honestly the best I have come across. I am in the national guard and use 550 for a variety of reasons. I have made zipper pulls, keychains, used it fix stuff…. you name it. I also love that this is an American made product. If you need Paracord for any project, please try this brand. You won’t be let down.



First EVER Review - Support this Business!!!!

WOW!!! What a fantastic business!!! This is my first review, EVER, but I feel compelled to comment on my experience and encourage anyone reading to support this company. These guys make an incredible product, offer it at an incredible price, and have the best customer relations I have ever encountered…I recently made a second purchase from TOUGH-GRID… [they] sent me an offer for complimentary rope, no strings attached, to thank me for being a repeat buyer… I am so impressed at the personal touch!



Solid cord that came with some unexpected gifts!

Solid cord. Exactly as expected. As a surprise bonus, they also sent two pdfs on various Paracord projects and they mailed me a set of instruction cards about how to tie various types of knots, which is pretty cool! This is my first time buying Paracord and I only was planning to use four feet of it, but now with all these extra instructions I’ll probably be trying my hand at many more Paracord projects.



I'd give six stars if I could!

The cord itself is a good solid cord and is great to have on hand for a rainy day. What really took this product to the next level for me, besides being made in America, is the amazing customer support from Bill and his team. I can buy this with peace of mind thanks to them.


dylan durham

Superior Quality!

Wow! I am very pleased, but not shocked, with the quality of the 550 cord from Tough-Grid!! I’ve purchased some 550 “Mil-Spec” cord from a local store and when put side by side to the 550 cord from my friends at Tough-Grid…there is just NO comparison. Dealing with the guys over at Tough-Grid Is always easy and they really work hard to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.


Dennis Harang

Best WSHTF cordage I've found

I’ve used many types of paracord over my career and this Tough-Grid 750 Type IV Mil-Spec cord is exceptional for my bug-out bag, stored in the back of my Jeep, and various tie-down apps on my Class A RV. From hanging hammocks, setting up emergency/back-country tarps, wrapping a hiking staff, or creating slings for the hiking staff, this cordage does the trick! Great product at a great price – and phenomenal service after the sale!



None Better Than This Folks, Awesome Cord Awesome People

This is hands down the best p-cord I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, no exaggerating, whatsoever. To boot, Bill and sons offer some of the best and most honest customer service I’ve ever seen on Amazon, or anywhere for that matter. My interactions with Bill have been so great, I’d even consider buying a punch in the face if he were to start selling them. The buck stops here, and the Tough-Grid family has more than earned my loyalty and lifelong business.



Great product and just as described

I have purchased and used quite a bit of 550 cord over the past thirty years. Fifteen of those years were while I was in the military (US Army Infantry)… This is the best quality that I have found, outside of the military supply system!


Steve Ligeikis

Literally one of the best products I've ever purchased!

I have been using paracord since I was a kid for everything from tying up loads in the pickup to making knife handles, tying up hammocks, making snares, and recently making bracelets and slings out of the stuff. always use 550 cord cause it is so strong, but this time I bought a roll of the 750 cord from Tough-Grid. It is in a league of its own. it is soft and flexible like regular real 550 cord, but 11, yes 11 inner strands of the same 3 ply stuff the real 550 cord uses in the same size outer case! this stuff is amazingly strong and the customer service is off the charts! way to go Tough-Grid!



High Quality Product!

After a minor problem with Amazon (not the seller), the seller took it upon themselves to immediately correct the issue. Their customer service is by far the best I have seen on Amazon. Their product (550 Paracord) is the best I have purchased thus far. I use these paracords to make holy rosaries and have purchased from several sellers. I must say that this is my new go-to place for all my paracord needs! I would like to thank them for their professionalism and their top-quality USA-made Paracords.


Amazon Customer

Get what you pay for

This stuff it top notch. Used it tying down loads and hanging backpack around tree for hanger and did it no problem. Doesn’t frail, very durable and will get the job done in an emergency situation if you find yourself in one. Will definitely by buying more of this.



OVER 20,000

TOUgH-GRID Military Tribute


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