BackBone Rifle Sling FAQs

These and other questions have mostly come to us from our many Amazon Customers.

– Will these slings fit my rifle mounts? –
Most rifles with swivel mounts will work with these swivels. Being military specification means the swivel is pretty universal with the average mount, however, there are exceptions to this rule as there are some odd mounts. If you find that your new sling won’t attach to your mounts, we’ll gladly accept your return!

– What type of paracord is used to make this rifle sling? –
We use only the best. Our slings are 100% made of TOUGH-GRID® 750lb Military Specification Parachute Cord that meets the Mil-C-5040H specifications. These specifications are set by the US military and demand a very high-quality cord.


– What is the length of BackBone slings? –
We did our research before choosing a length for our sings as they are not adjustable and it turns out that about 46″ is just right. It’s a nice, long sling that will work for the vast majority of people and rifles.

– Are these slings adjustable? –
No. There are a few good reasons we decided not to make this sling adjustable. First of all, we can fit a whole lot more cord in these slings since they’re made of entirely paracord. Most adjustable slings only incorporate about 25 – 50 feet of parachute cord while ours accommodates 90 feet. This is a lot more paracord for the times you may find yourself in an emergency situation or just needing some cord. You’ll also notice that most adjustable slings will come out of adjustment very easily and you end up having to hassle with it more than it’s worth. We really wanted to pack in the paracord and make this sling as user-friendly as a rifle sling can be.

Handmade In USA

– Where are BackBone slings made? –
TOUGH-GRID® BackBone Rifle Slings are handmade right here in the USA! That’s right, HANDMADE! Each sling is painstakingly woven with the highest quality paracord by Americans. Feel great about supporting an American business and American workers when you buy a BackBone sling.

– Are these slings comfortable? –
Absolutely. BackBone Rifle Slings are made with a “Boa” weave which is very wide and flat. This helps the sling rest on your shoulder and not roll around. The width really helps with the control of the sling. Fatter paracord slings tend to get in the way at the worst times and these slings stay right where they need to be at all times.


– How do I use the paracord on the sling? –
Each sling is composed of two elements. An inner core and an outer sheath. The great thing about BackBone Slings is that you can completely remove the outer sheath of the rifle sling and STILL have a rifle sling to carry your rifle with. Just untie the knots that connect the outer sheath to the Mil-Spec swivel and start unravelling the cord, take the amount you need, melt the ends of the paracord, and then tie the line to one of the inner cores or the swivel to get the slack out of the way.

– What is your warranty information? –
We’re so confident that you’ll love our BackBone Rifle Slings that we’re offering a 100% Money Back or Replacement warranty with the return of your sling.

– Do BackBone Rifle Slings qualify for Amazon Prime shipping?
Definitely. All of our slings are Fulfilled by Amazon. What this means is that we ship our rifle slings to Amazon warehouses all over the United States and they ship them to customers from there. Amazon does this to try and make sure people can get 1 or 2 day shipping. If a customer orders a black BackBone-90 Rifle Sling in California but we only have black BackBone-90 Rifle Slings in Florida, it is much harder for them to offer or achieve 1 or 2 day shipping. Amazon is extremely good at shipping with more than 99% on-time delivery… but every once in a while they accidentally ship the wrong item. If that ever happens to you, please let Amazon and us know and we’ll make sure to get the correct item coming your way a.s.a.p. There are also any number of reasons why shipping companies like UPS, FedEx and the USPS may be delayed in delivering your packages. Please contact Amazon directly if your package is ever delayed and they will find its status for you.

We hope you found this FAQ’s page helpful. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We will be updating this page from time to time as we get more great questions from our customers.

We 100% Guarantee (Replacement or Money Back) ALL TOUGH-GRID® Paracord Rifle Slings!

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