18Ft. CamJam Tie Down Strap (Sets of 2)

18Ft. CamJam Tie Down Strap (Sets of 2)


When you have heavy loads to bear, keeping them secure and exactly where you want them is critical. The CamJam Tie Down Strap features an elegant design & high-quality materials. It was built for functionality, ease of use, and ultra-security for your heavy loads.

The CamJam Tie Down features a high-density weave polypropylene 1″ wide strap that is securely attached, with 4 bar tack stitches for high strength, to a sturdy, cast zinc alloy cam mechanism. The non-slip buckle on the cam mechanism not only latches securely, it also provides the ability to gradually release even under high tension, eliminating sudden and dangerous unloading.

The CamJam Tie Down can be used in many versatile configurations, including a Loop Configuration and Lockout Configuration. The webbing strap features an angled end for easy threading and intuitive operation in any configuration. All totaled, the detailed features and innovative design of the CamJam Tie Down Strap allows you to confidently secure loads such as: kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards, motorcycles, equipment, lumber, furniture, and appliances… easily, securely, and safely.

Quick Stats

  • Size: 18Ft. / 5.48m
  • Working Load Limit 700lb. / 318kg
  • Break Strength 2100lb. / 953kg
  • High strength 1″ (2.54cm) wide waterproof, high density weave, polypropylene webbing
  • Premium quality die-cast zinc alloy CamJam tensioning mechanism with nickel plate finish
  • Sewn-in, color coded, and numerically labeled tags allow for easy identification of strap length
  • Easy to achieve high tension, adjust and control the release without sudden, dangerous unloading
Sets of (2)

1, 2, 3, 4

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