Double-Walled Adhesive Mil-Spec Shrink Tubing (6 x 12″ Sections)

Double-Walled Adhesive Mil-Spec Shrink Tubing (6 x 12″ Sections)

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Double-Walled Adhesive Mil-Spec Shrink Tubing –
  • Electrical grade flexible polyolefin over a thin layer of thermoplastic adhesive.
  • Rated for continuous operation at -55°c to 110°c. When heated above 121°c, the adhesive melts and is forced into contact with the covered product as the outer tube shrinks.
  • When the tubing cools, the adhesive solidifies and forms a flexible waterproof barrier.
  • Typical applications include covering of marine and wire splices and protection of components. Flame-retardant.

Specification: MIL-I-23053/4, CLASS 3

Material: Adhesive-lined polyolefin, Shrink Ratio 3:1.


Tensile Strength: 2100 PSI

Ultimate Elongation: 450%

Longitudinal Change: +1,-15%

Specific Gravity: 1.3

Outer Wall Heat Aging Elongation: (168 HRS. @ 175°C) 175%

Outer Low Temperature Flexibility: (4 HRS. @ -55°C)

No Cracking, Flamability Self-Extinguish, Meets UL 224, All-Tubing, Flame Test (Jacket)


Corrosive Effect: Non-Corrosive

Fungus resistance: Non-Nutrient

Water Absorption: 0.3%

Fluid Resistance: Excellent

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