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Hi Guys! This is going to be our dedicated page where we’ll be sharing some helpful tips and trick for you to see. As always, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you need anything.

How to Join Two Ends of Paracord – The “Manny Method”

Hi guys, we’re going to start posting some tutorials here and thought we’d begin with a way to join two ends of paracord together called the “Manny Method”. This method was created buy Manuel Zambrano to get a really strong connection between two lengths of paracord and it seems to work really well. It’s a bit of a complex task to explain without some visual aid so below is a video made by Paracord 101 that we think explains this process pretty well. Thanks so much for reading!

Simple Paracord Threader Trick

As we’re sure you know by now, TOUGH-GRID paracord is slightly larger in diameter (about 1/32″) than 550 Cord and therefore slightly harder to fit through small boot and shoe eyelets. This is why we wanted to show you a great way to thread your boots and shoes with our 750lb Mil-Spec parachute cord! We took some pictures of the process and are excited to share this with you and hope it will help some people out that have small eyelets. All you need to make this work is a length of paracord that you will use for your laces (give yourself a few extra inches), a paperclip, a pair of pliers, and an old steak knife.

1) Straighten the paperclip as straight as you possibly can.
2) Holding the paperclip with a pair of pliers, heat the end of the paperclip with a hot flame such as a stove top or propane torch until it glows red. USE CAUTION!
3) Push the end of the hot paperclip into the end of the paracord about 1″.
4) Once the paperclip cools it will be fully fused into the end of the paracord. Next we want to taper the end of the paracord.
5) Heat the tip of the blade of your old steak knife until it is glowing hot.
6) Use the hot knife to melt and taper the top of the paracord that holds your paperclip. USE CAUTION! You’ll want the tip of the paracord to be conical to help even further to guide the paracord through the small eyelets of your boots or shoes.
7) Reheat your knife and cut/seal the end of the paracord to make a nice, clean tip to your paracord. Some people like to crimp a tube on the end of the shoe or melt the end a little bigger to have something to grip onto when tying their laces.

And that’s it! Just repeat these steps with any paracord that you plan on threading through your small eyelets. I’ll post some thumbnail pictures below which you can click on to view full-size to see some images of this project. Thanks for reading!

TOUGH GRID 750lb Mil Spec Paracord
TOUGH GRID 750lb paracord
TOUGH GRID 750lb paracord

How to Modify your Spool Tool to Fit TOUGH-GRID Paracord

Our 750lb paracord is slightly thicker than standard 550 cord and has trouble fitting in most spool tools. We found a great way to modify your current spool tool to fit TOUGH-GRID paracord. All you need to make this work is a spool tool and an emery board.

Use your emery board to file one or more of the cord holder openings until your paracord slips through. Make sure it is still a tight fit, do not over-file the opening.

And that’s it! Your spool tool will now work with your 750lb cord.

Spool Tool Instructable
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