These and other questions have mostly come to us from our thousands of Amazon Customers.

– How much does this shock cord stretch? –shock-cord-bungee-bungee-cord-bungee-rope-shock-cord-shock-rope-elasticated-cord-elasticated-rope-black-100ft
Our shock cord has 100% (+/-10%) elongation.

– What are some common uses for shock cord? –
Our shock cord is ideal for fixing tent poles, replacing shoe laces, making necklaces & crafts, securing items, and replacing the deck bungee cords on your kayak!

– How do I seal the ends of my new shock cord? –
Shock cord is made of a nylon sheath and rubber cores, so it can be melted with a lighter. When using this cord to fix tent poles, tie a knot to secure the end of the cord and melt the end, just past the knot.

bungee-bungee-cord-bungee-rope-shock-cord-shock-rope-elasticated-cord-elasticated-rope-black-100ft-inner-strands– What material is your shock cord made of? –
Our shock cord has a 100% nylon outer sheath and (12) inner rubber strands. The key properties include: abrasion, chemical & UV resistance, low moisture absorbency, fast drying, and great stretchability.

– Does shock cord go by any other names? –
Shock cord is also called: bungee cord/rope, bungie cord/rope, elasticated cord/rope, stretch cord/rope, and many Australians call it occy strap or octopus strap. So many names for the same great product!

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