Hi, and Thanks for Your TOUGH-GRID Order!

We’d like to give you (3) Completely FREE Unadvertised Bonuses as a way of saying thanks for buying from our TOUGH-GRID Store.

*The First Bonus is a very good PDF download on how to make dozens of great paracord projects. You can download it right Here.

**The Second Bonus is the Full Version of the “It’s a Disaster… and what are you gonna do about it” Guide. You can download it right Here.

This is your private copy! The only people who get this for free are our customers! I actually have a special agreement with the authors (free for our customers) so please respect their intellectual property rights and do not distribute it. They sell these books online so I don’t want to hurt their business by giving too many away.

This is an Excellent Book!

You’re probably going to want a hard Copy of this book to keep with your emergency supplies. If there is ever a disaster in your area you may not have power to run your computer and read the guide. Having a hard copy on-hand makes great sense and it’s also available on Amazon!

***The Third Bonus is a Free 25 Footer of our 750lb Test Mil Spec Type 4 Paracord just:

1. Email me your current shipping address (this is a one-time mailing) wecare@toughgrid.com

We’re all in this together and we really appreciate your business! Our paracord is proudly Made in USA and if you ever want to contact me for any reason, please feel free.

Again, Thanks and we wish You and Yours the Very Best!

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P.S. If you’d really like to hook-up a friend with a free sample of our cord, just tell them to email me their shipping info and I’ll send them one too.
Why would I do this…? Well, our cord is so good that just one “hit” and everyone’s “addicted!” I’m hoping to earn their trust and business with a free sample… I also really like giving stuff away… it is habit-forming

***We Will NEVER EVER Sell, Rent, Loan Or In Any Way Give Away Your Information To Anyone! You Have My Word On It… And You Know Where To Find Me!
-Bill Hanover