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Hello Again and Thank You for Your 4th (or More) Shock Cord Order from Us on Amazon!

*Bonus #1 We very much appreciate your continued loyalty and confidence in our shock cord! For your bonuses this time, we want to give you our personal favorite websites for prepping and survival. We have found so many great tips and tricks on these sites and hope to see you benefit from them as much as we have! Thanks again SO MUCH for your reviews, e-mails, comments and most importantly your loyalty.

  • Survival Blog - Survival Blog is a tried-and-true favorite of ours. With pages upon pages of helpful information, it's always a good place to go when you need some help!
  • Captain Berz - Captain Berz is an extremely knowledgeable guy, check out his YouTube channel for some of the best tips you can get.
  • Paracord Forum - Paracord Forum is a place for all things paracord!
  • Prepared Society - Prepared Society is just what it sounds like... If you want to be prepared or help others get prepared, this is definitely a site to check out!
  • Berkey Water Filter Folks - This is one of our sites. Feel free to have a look around, you'll find lots of good articles and information.

**Bonus #2 Because you are a loyal and highly valued customer, we want to do something extra-special for you. Just email me your full name (no shipping address needed) and put "Discount for Life!" in the subject line and we'll send you a special coupon code that you and your immediate family (those living in your home) can use for any of our TOUGH-GRID products on Amazon "til death do us part." 😉

This code is unique to every customer and cannot be transferred or shared outside of your immediate family. The code will give you an extra 5% off on any of our TOUGH-GRID products for as long as we do business on Amazon. And we have no intentions of ever leaving!

An extra 5% off may seem like a little or a lot, but the cordage world is sort of a high-volume business. In other words... you have to sell an awful lot of cord to make a buck, so... an extra 5% off is a pretty great bonus!

Our shock cord is proudly Made in America and we stand by it 100%. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need anything.

Thanks Again and We Wish You and Yours the Very Best!

Bill Hanover
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