TOUGH-GRID® BackBone Rifle Slings


Premium Paracord Rifle Slings – Hand-Made in the USA with 750lb Type IV Mil-Spec TOUGH-GRID® Paracord and Mil-Spec Swivels!

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Premium Paracord Rifle Slings Made With 750lb Test Type IV Mil-Spec TOUGH-GRID® Paracord and Swivels!

BackBone Rifle Slings are Durable, Comfortable, and Handmade in the USA!
– The BackBone-90 is wide and flat, making for excellent wear and comfort! This sling is 46″ long and made with 90Ft of genuine Mil-Spec type IV paracord using a “Boa” weave.
– Our Military grade swivels are a cut above the rest. With a lifetime warranty, you never have to worry about a flimsy swivel again!
– TOUGH-GRID® paracord is the best you can get. Don’t be caught without the highest quality paracord available… get a BackBone!

Our 750lb Paracord Is Genuine Mil-Spec and 200 Pounds Stronger Than The Typical 550 Paracord!

Our Mil-Spec Swivels Are The Same Swivels Purchased By The US Military

TOUGH-GRID® (BackBone) Paracord Rifle Slings Are High-End Premium Slings
– Our slings are flexible, wide and durable while tightly woven and able to pack the maximum amount of paracord in a light-weight sling.
– Our slings can be unwoven for emergency paracord use while still retaining a useful rifle sling.
– At 46″ long and extra wide, you’ll enjoy the comfort and security of owning a BackBone rifle sling!

We 100% Guarantee (Replacement or Money Back) ALL TOUGH-GRID® Paracord Rifle Slings!

Quick Stats

  • Mil-Spec Paracord! – These slings are made with 750lb Mil-Spec paracord! That’s 200 lbs stronger than any other sling on Amazon.
  • Mil-Spec Swivels! – Comes with a Mil-Spec (Military Grade) swivel on both ends… no other sling on Amazon has Mil-Spec swivels!
  • Tons of paracord! – The BackBone-90 comes with 90Ft of paracord that will come in handy in any survival situation!
  • Extra Long! – Our slings are all 46″ long… while most other slings max-out at 44″.
  • Hand-Made In USA – All of our slings are HANDMADE in the USA with unquestionable and 100% guaranteed quality.

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Black, Forest Camo, Mixed Camo, Camo Green, Desert Camo, DIGI-Camo, Neon (Safety) Orange, Neon Pink, Moss Green, Grizzly (Coyote) Brown


46" (Stock), 30" (Custom), 31" (Custom), 32" (Custom), 33" (Custom), 34" (Custom), 35" (Custom), 36" (Stock), 37" (Custom), 38" (Custom), 39" (Custom), 40" (Custom), 41" (Custom), 42" (Custom), 43" (Custom), 44" (Custom), 45" (Custom), 47" (Custom), 48" (Custom), 49" (Custom), 50" (Custom), 51" (Custom), 52" (Custom), 53" (Custom), 54" (Stock), 55" (Custom), 56" (Custom), 57" (Custom), 58" (Custom), 59" (Custom), 60" (Custom)


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