– What is the diameter of TOUGH-GRID Ultra-Cord (UHMWP / Dyneema­®) –
Our Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene is 3/16″ in diameter but we may sell larger or smaller diameter braids in the future.

– How much stretch does TOUGH-GRID Ultra-Cord (UHMWP / Dyneema®) have? –
UHMWP has very little stretch, testing shows that it will only elongate about 3%.

– What are the results of the tensile strength test of TOUGH-GRID Ultra-Cord? –
UHMWP is around 15 times stronger than steel and a 3/16″ diameter thread of UHMWP has an average break strength of 5,000lbs! You won’t find anything stronger with less stretch. It’s also about 40% stronger than Kevlar©.

– Is Your UHMWP Weather or UV Resistant? –
Ultra-Cord is extremely weather, chemical, and UV resistant.

– Is Ultra-Cord Light-Weight? –
It’s the only super fiber that has a density below 1.0, meaning it can actually float on water!

– What are the Common Uses for Ultra-Cord or UHMWP? –
Great for camping, towing, guy lines, snare cord, replacement bowstring, tying things down, emergency/disaster prep, and much more. The uses are only limited by your imagination!

– How Do I Cut UHMWP without Causing It to Fray? –
UHMWP is a unique fiber that is harder to seal than paracord. You can cut it with scissors, a razor, or a hot knife, but you’ll also want to use a 1/4″ to 1/8″ heat shrink tube to seal the ends and prevent fraying. Many people like to pre-cut and seal sections to store in their boats, houses, or vehicles.